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Why companies should love their middle managers

The value of specialist events for middle managers has been highlighted in a recent report we’ve published with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The report explains that leaders need to make time to talk to their middle managers, face to face, in informal and formal ways to help build organisational trust and fuel business growth.

This means well-planned, bespoke, middle manager events which have senior level buy-in. Clearly this will also mean a significant investment of time – both from event teams and the leadership – but creatively conceived events like this can be extremely effective in harnessing the power of that all-important tier of middle management.

We’re not talking about stand and tell events where the leadership delivers a series of ‘broadcast’ presentations.

The events should give the audience plenty of opportunity to feed back and should encourage genuine two-way debate and dialogue from the get go. Using imaginatively designed breakouts and group work will encourage delegates to feel comfortable enough to interact with the leadership team. This is where the two-way debate will happen and this is where trust will begin to grow and flourish.

The ‘Middle Manager Lifeline’ report (which you can download here if you’re interested) highlights the need to run bespoke events for this important group as part of the broader ambition to build trust. Check out page 25.

How to survive in a post-Brexit world

The need for timely and clear communications with staff has never been greater than in the era of post-Brexit UK. Astute leaders will recognise the need to step up and avoid a communication vacuum – to remain (or become) highly visible and offer reassurance to their employees by addressing the issue honestly and openly. So agencies who deal at the top level are likely to thrive in these uncertain times.

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