How to survive in a post-Brexit world

The need for timely and clear communications with staff has never been greater than in the era of post-Brexit UK. Astute leaders will recognise the need to step up and avoid a communication vacuum – to remain (or become) highly visible and offer reassurance to their employees by addressing the issue honestly and openly. So agencies who deal at the top level are likely to thrive in these uncertain times.

Leaders will be seeking partners they trust, partners who will challenge their thinking and support them to successfully engage their staff in these tricky times.

In fact, three of our most recent client wins have come through referral – from people who already trust us and know how we work. Organisations become more risk averse in times of uncertainty. Companies who can demonstrate a track record of making a measurable difference will continue to be successful … whatever the political or economic climate.

I also really think that a diverse client portfolio will help event companies to counter any bumps in the road-whether these come as a result of Brexit, the financial crisis or other circumstances outside our control.

We’ve always had a broad spread of clients across different sectors. Over the last 18 months or so we’ve made a concerted effort to attract clients more resilient to the effects of recession. It’s resulted in some important account wins that should stand us in good stead as we head into the uncertainty of post-Brexit UK.

The new business wins have comes from a retail brand in the stay at home entertainment market, a high profile brand with a direct, sales-to-home offering and a third which targets the ‘staycation’ market with a budget element to its proposition.

We see the new reality as an opportunity to work even more closely with senior leaders to build trust in their organisations through effective communications that originate from the strategic vision.

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