Three key themes for event professionals in 2017

2017 promises to be another busy year for event professionals. Here’s a super quick round up of three key themes to keep abreast of in the year ahead.

Knowledge is power
The old saying that knowledge is power could well be translated into ‘data is power’ in today’s virtual world. Companies keen to promote their products use data to show us their latest offerings everywhere we go.

Event professionals need to treat data in the same way … mining it for useful insight into delegate behaviour and to personalise the delegate journey, making each and every person feel they are an individual and not just another number on a spreadsheet.

If you’re an event professional who’s serious about getting real returns on your efforts, you need to get to grips with all the different platforms available to collect, manage, share and ultimately analyse all the data collected before, during and after your event.

Only by understanding how to harness the power of data will your events bring measurable ROI which you can use to support the case for future events.

VR, AR and other acronyms!
OK, so virtual reality and augmented reality aren’t the new kids on the block any more … but they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and they’re here to stay.

Used carefully, technology can transport your delegates into whole new worlds at your events to reinforce messages and introduce concepts in an immersive, engaging way.

But, it’s absolutely essential to really understand the capabilities of each technology so you get the best out of it to meet your event objectives.

As with any kind of technology, it’s crucial to understand why you’re using it before jumping in! Get your messaging clear at the outset and only then decide how you’re going to share that messaging with your audience.

Event professionals are a creative lot, who’ve known for some time that pretty much every space is a potential event space … from the café down the road to a massive disused warehouse and lots more beside.

But beware … if you’re used to holding your events in conference suites, hotel meeting rooms or other purpose built premises … delivering an event in a blank canvas venue is a whole different experience.

For starters, just making sure all the essential services you’re going to need are laid on can be a challenge. Power and water may come as standard in lots of venues, but if you don’t get these basics right when you’re pushing the boundaries venue-wise, it’s not just a dodgy wi-fi signal your delegates could be complaining about!

There’s always a lot to consider, but careful planning is even more vital in this kind of space to make absolutely sure everything is budgeted and contracted well ahead of event day so your event goes with a swing.

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